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10W Solar Power Generator


This portable Solar Power Generator is ideal for providing electrical power and lighting for remote homes, emergency power, disaster relief, camping, boating – anywhere you need power on-demand with no fuel-costs or pollution. This small and compact portable solar generator is a great tool to have around the house. Can be used daily for charging phones, tablets or lighting. Make sure to keep the battery charged, so you can use the lights at night time or during brown outs. This is a great investment that is FREE to use!

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Product Description

2pc 3W/12V LED Bulb & Mobilephone Charger & FM Radio & MP3 & SD Card


Item: Solar Lighting System 

Solar panl:10W  , Life Time:10 years

Light: 2pcs of 12V/3W LED bulb

Controller:over-charging(14V) and over-discharging(11V) protection. short-circuit protection , low voltage reconnecting point :11.5V

Battery:12V 7AH lead-acid battery(rated charging current:2A   rated discharging current:2A)

No load loss:≤10mA

USB port current : 5V 1A , 2 pcs USB ports .

Fully charging time :10 hours with the solar panel

Lighting duration after fully charged :10 hours ( 2 pcs lights working at the same time)

                                                                      18 hours ( 1 pcs 12V/3W LED light )

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