Davao Co-working Office Space


We have TWO types of stations available:

  • For Professional workstations, ideal for programmers, managers, professional workers, with extra desk space
  • For Phone Agent workstations
For Professional For Phone Agent
Desk Space approx.15,000 sq. cm ( L shape about 140cm X 62cm and 110cm X 62 cm) Desk space approx. 4,000 sq. cm  ( about 90 cm X 45 cm, or 36” X 18”)


Computer with Windows OS, CPU – dual core, 4 GB ram ( VOIP Capable) ( 8MB i5 class processor available on request for compute intensive work such as computer programming)


Computer with Windows OS, CPU – dual core, 4 GB ram ( VOIP Capable)
Two Monitors


One Monitor


Less than 12 month rate:

Day shift 12 hours- USD$150.00,

Night shift  12 hours USD$100,

24 hours use  USD$200


Less than 12 month rate:

One 12 hour shift -USD$100,

24 hours- USD$160


12 months or more rate

Day shift 12 hours- USD$135.00,

Night shift  12 hours USD$90,

24 hours use USD$180


12 months or more rate:

One 12 hour shift -USD$90,

24 hours- USD$145




All stations also include

Kitchen prep area with refrigerator and microwave

Unlimited coffee or tea

Office chair

Air Conditioning

Electricity for office equipment

Leased line internet with redundant backup

Local Area Network

Bottled filtered water

Fully stocked comfort room

Access to shared conference room

Cleaning service for common area.


Computers have anti virus and  Open Office loaded.  All other software is the responsibility of the user.

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Product Description

A top notch team needs a top notch office for maximum productivity

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Great for freelance programmers, engineers, entrepreneurs, virtual assistants, phone agents, technical support, or professionals.

The space is especially designed as a great environment for your team.  The office space is located in a professional building and configured for maximum productivity.  It is a comfortable work environment for freelance computer workers and business people, with transportation, shopping and eateries located nearby.

The office space is in Davao City Ecoland area near SM Mall and on major jeepnie routes for easy transportation.

This is a shared office with space available by each seat.


To visit the office or for questions please contact   Philippines Cell: +639069188139  USA Cell: 801 3762050


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